“Photography is how I communicate to the world that which moves me deeply, ultimately –  it’s my language.”

About me

The rich green rolling hills and the striking Acacia scattered across the vistas standing in solitude silhouetted against the African Sun – enough to stir ones soul to the deepest corner of your being: KwaZulu-Natal where I was born and exposed to the indescribable beauty of the African landscape from a young age.

It could only have been this that sparked my desire to capture that which moved me in an ineffable way. My passion for photography was never a conscious thing until I became an adult, yet as a child I was obsessed to say the least with taking photos of scenery – sweeping vistas before me with the warm of an explosive lightshow of a breath-taking sunset. Denied by cost and access to equipment or any direction, it was only ever in my mind where I would hold onto these moments long after they passed, longing for the next moment to return and wishing that next time they would last a lifetime.

When I was sixteen, I was given the opportunity to move to my new home on the other side of the country, one populated with endless opportunities to trigger and explore the feelings evoked from these grand scenes. The Western Cape, specifically the Cape Peninsula was more eye candy that I could handle. I constantly went into photography gear shops to see what the latest cameras were capable of, and coveted owning one one day. A few years after high-school, I was fortunate enough to have a good friend of mine bring a DLSR camera around to show me. From the first click of the shutter – I was hooked. It all made sense right then and there. I’ve never considered myself gifted when it comes to expressing myself with words or any other means beside maybe strumming on a guitar, but photography gave me an avenue to speak much more clearly. Photography is how I communicate to the world that which moves me deeply, ultimately – it’s my language.

I schemed a way to acquire my own and once I did I embarked in a deep effort to learn and practice as much as I could. My main passion, Landscapes being the main driver eventually led me to discovering other areas I found meaning in, Portraiture and unique moments that life offers that would normally go unnoticed – best found in the world of events.

It wasn’t long until I realized that to fuel this passion to a professional level, I’d need to work in the industry. I got a job assisting a friend with wedding photography which opened up the doors to eventually doing it on my own. This has opened up further opportunities into all kinds of functions. It’s through these avenues I’ve learned that there’s so much more to capture than landscapes alone and that I’m now able to share my interpretation of the world, my artform, my language, into meaningful moments that will matter to others for a life time.

So here I find myself 15 years later – privileged to be on many a person’s journey with them for a brief period, gaining glimpses of insight into the variety of people, their lives, their emotions, their stories, their happiness. I’ve been given the opportunity to use my passion and the way I see the world, to pass on to others that a gift, that they may see life through my eyes, but still kept personal to who they are.

From here I’ll continue to focus on what I enjoy and I gladly put effort into every project that comes before me, to ensure I can help my client to capture that which is important and unique to them, delivering excellence through the lens and into my soul and passed on out to the world.